Direct Investments
Many companies seeking to establish a direct presence in China in form of a factory, plant, manufacturing, or research facility often do not have a clear roadmap for direct investment. Our process navigates you through the difficult decisions associated with location, land, labor, logistics, and local law. We often are able to save our clients time, money, energy and valuable resources by managing issues as diverse as;

  • Location
  • Building, facility, offices
  • Demographics
  • Tax laws
  • Environmental laws
  • Special economic zones and other government ncentives
  • Local and Central Government protocols
  • Hiring management and workforce
  • Establishing communications protocols
  • Establishing transparency and accountability
  • We can also make available private investors, joint-venture partners and special government subsidies and tax-incentive programs as needed.

    Business Development

    We have had years of experience in various business development projects that we have been involved in. Our deep network of contacts allows us to address a myriad of issues with top industry-level professionals. Business development is often started with a series of exploratory questions in order to establish a good understanding of the client¡¯s requirements and the parameters. We then evaluate the various options based on our findings including:

  • Joint Ventures
  • Wholly owned foreign investment
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Direct Investments
  • Private Placement

    As each client¡¯s requirement is different, we work closely with our clients to build customized solutions with short-term and long-term strategies, entry and exit strategies and deployment plans. We monitor the process and progress with our hands-on approach to help ensure a successful plan. We have established communication protocols for complete transparency of the process.
  • Project Management

    As many companies are seeking to implement specific projects into China, the success or failure of the project depends on its management capabilities. Each project has its specific requirements and appropriate plan of action. Jet-Mass is uniquely positioned to manage many types of projects in China and has successfully managed a myriad of projects with diverse requirements to the complete satisfaction of clients. Whether your projects are a one-time short-term requirement or ongoing and long-term, we customize a management solution that will suit the parameters of the project. We will oversee all aspects of the project as it relates to China and with our established communications protocols, we will keep you informed on all developments of the project. We manage all requirements of projects including;

  • Logistics
  • Obtaining Government licenses
  • Employing and overseeing temporary staff
  • Communications liaison
  • Importing equipment and machinery and clearing customs
  • Project planning
  • As no two projects are alike, the approach to each project is different. We plan each project with the exit in mind. Our process uncovers the objectives of each project, the available resources, and the additional resources needed. We then customize a strategy that will be able to fulfill the requirements of the project using all the available resources. We set metrics and accountability measures to ensure that the project is on course. We monitor the progress and exchange all the information to you using an agreed upon communications protocol.

    Communication Protocols

    Jet-Mass understands that in order to ensure a successful client experience, communication is crucial. That is precisely the reason that Jet-Mass has invested its resources in building its global presence. With offices in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Sao Paolo, Dubai and Cairo, Jet-Mass has a established local presence in many markets with stateside consultants and client relationship managers. Our global offices function as communications platforms for our client¡¯s in their local time. We set up communication methods and metrics at the onset, such that our clients understand what to expect and when to expect it. We believe in organized and documentable communication procedures that are not too intrusive and provide actionable items and follow up events. All global offices are in contact with our Shanghai offices on a daily basis using all communication methods including telephone, fax, email, and intranet and VPN platforms.

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    Mergers and acquisitions represent a highly specialized area of foreign investment. It requires a good understanding of the clients¡¯ investment objective and parameters. This is accomplished by first understanding the clients¡¯ motivating factor and overall business objective. If it is determined that an acquisition or a merger is the recommended course of action, we initiate the target identification and due diligence process. Jet-Mass adds value by:

  • Understanding the clients¡¯ requirements and researching market
  • Identifying potential targets and their motivation to be merged or acquired
  • Support our clients during valuation and  negotiations
  • Perform due diligence functions for identifying potential risks
  • Provide support and recommendations for the due diligence process
  • Assist in ownership transition and management transfer
  • Perform auditing and reporting functions as per clients¡¯ requirements
  • Jet-Mass ensures a successful process by aligning our interest with that of our clients. When interests are aligned, no conflict of interest can arise that can jeopardize the process, thus ensuring a successful plan of action and eventual outcome.

    Government Consultancy

    Many projects planned in China will require interaction and involvement with state government and local officials. Many times, rules and regulations, procedures and protocols, and general rules of engagement must be managed delicately and professionally. To that end, Jet-Mass has been successfully involved in several projects that required interaction with government officials. As each requirement is different,Jet-Mass can help you navigate through complex challenges such as:

  • State regulations
  • Local regulations
  • Environmental protections laws
  • Labor laws
  • Import laws
  • Export laws
  • Documentation Procedures
  • Foreign currency restrictions

    Jet-Mass enjoys a unique network of relationships at the state and local government levels. Many of our relationships are deep-rooted and long-lasting ensuring a constructive environment for conducting business.